A Providence Alaska Medical Center nurse who in March struck and severely injured two kids riding their bikes changed her plea Friday morning in court.

Through her defense attorney, Wally Tetlow, the now 61-year-old Vicie Zielinski pleaded guilty Friday to two counts of first-degree assault and a separate count of DUI.

Zielinski's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit at the time of the incident when she drove her SUV onto the sidewalk of the Old Glenn Highway and hit the children, 10-year-old Hank Martiny and his sister 14-year-old Maddy Martiny. 

Zielinski stayed on the scene, according to police, but failed all her field sobriety tests. A further test documented her alcohol level at .189, well beyond Alaska's legal limit for driving of .08.

Both children survived, but their with their severe injuries and trauma, their parents said it will be a long journey back to physical and mental health

Zielinski's sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 26. The sentences carry between five and nine years in jail.

Dave Goldman contributed to this report.

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