It’s easy to spend money at the Alaska State Fair. From the food to rides and entertainment, the costs can add up quickly.

To help you plan your budget, we averaged what it could cost one person for a day at the fair.


The fair is known for its variety. From deep-fried peaches, chips, halibut chunks and simple luxuries like coffee, there are vendors lining each trail ready to satisfy your craving.

Lunch for one person? Prepare to spend around $30. That includes something to drink, eat and dessert.

Here’s what we bought:

  • Coffee: $4.50
  • Spinach Bread: $8.00
  • Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp: $7.00
  • Cream Puff: $9.00
  • Total: $28.50

Most vendors at the fair take cash. There are ATM’s clearly marked on every trail, but you could incur a small fee depending on where you bank. Most vendors will specify and have it clearly marked whether they can take debit or credit cards.

For people with families, expect to spend 4-times that amount.

“Probably spend up in the 200 [dollar] range maybe a little bit more than that,” said Paul Linnell, a dad of two. “But it’s worth it….it’s all worth it, the kids are having fun and it’s a good family atmosphere.”


Tickets for the rides are a dollar for every ticket. The rides can range between $3-$7 dollars depending on the ride.

You can buy a bundle of tickets and save a few bucks. For example, $40 will buy you 35 ride tickets, 10 game coupons and one free drink.

Free Entertainment

There is plenty of free things to do at the fair. The petting zoo inside the barn allows kids to get up close and personal with livestock and there are free concerts featuring visiting and home-grown artists that allow you to stick to a price point that works for you. Check the fair’s schedule to learn the time and variety of shows offered.

Daily Discounts

There are discount days on admission during the next two weeks. They include:

  • Friday August 23: GCI Kids’ Day
  • Kids 12 and under get in free. You’re encouraged to donate two shelf-stable food items.
  • Saturday August 24: #Club49 Family Day
  • Kids 12 and under receive $2 discount on admission. Donation of two shelf-stable food items encouraged.
  • Sunday September 1: Military Appreciation Day
  • All military personnel receive $5 admission.
  • Monday September 2: First Responders Day
  • All police, firefighters and EMS personnel receive $5 admission.

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