A veterinary clinic in Anchorage is offering to help people whose pets have been affected by wildfires.

Pet Emergency Treatment on Lake Otis Parkway and Dowling Road will provide free medical care and boarding for dogs and cats who have been injured.

Vet Tech Jessica Blaney said they want to help anyone who's animals have been affected by the wildfires

"If they suffered smoke inhalation, if they went back to their home and their animal survived but they're burnt and dirty, we're providing free medical care for anybody that's been affected," veterinary technician Jessica Blaney said.

Blaney said the clinic also has free medication for animals with chronic health conditions as well as specialty foods.

"If your pet needs insulin, if your pet needs thyroid medication and you literally have nothing, we'll make it happen," said Blaney. "We have donated medications. We are working with our vendors. They are sending supplies nightly to get us prepped for this."

Blaney said other veterinary clinics including many VCA Animal Hospitals have space available for animals who may be healthy but need a place to stay after their owners evacuate from their properties. Pet Emergency Treatment is coordinating those services. They are also looking for volunteers.

People who need help can call the 24-hour number at 907-274-5636.

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