An Anchorage man found guilty of four felony charges, including first-degree attempted murder of a police officer, on Wednesday was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Superior Court Judge Erin Marston called 31-year-old Pagopago Beefcake Lelilio “a clear and present danger to society” when he handed down the sentence.

On Oct. 23, a jury convicted Lelilio of first-degree of attempted murder and two counts of third-degree of assault.  

Lelilio also pleaded guilty to misconduct involving weapons, according to a sentencing memorandum prepared by Assistant District Attorney Daniel K. Shorey.

The incident took place in Mountain View when police responded to a report of gunfire. As officers arrived, Lelilio began to flee while ignoring their orders to stop.

During the struggle, Lelilio fired a shot from a .40-caliber handgun concealed in his jacket pocket.

According to the sentencing memo, Officer Ryan Proegler testified, “Immediately after the shot, I felt dirt hit the right side of my face as if the round had impacted really close by and that I’d been sprayed with some dirt from that impact.”

Prosecutors sought a 65-year sentence while citing Lelilio’s criminal history that, according to the sentencing memo, includes three or more prior felony convictions, “repeated instances of assaultive behavior [and] repeated instances of cruelty to animals." He was already on probation for another felony charge.

Marston said even though the lone gunshot did not strike either officer, he cannot issue a sentence that aligns with previous cases where a “victim has been horribly maimed.”

Still, before issuing his sentence, Marston admonished Lelilio, saying his crime was "one of the most serious acts that a person can do in our society."

“Police officers put their life on the line," he said. "They run to gunshots, not run away from gunshots. That’s what these officers were doing here. They were responding to reports of shots. I find this to be very, very serious. I can’t imagine how you would risk their lives and your life for really no reason.”

Lelilio briefly addressed the court apologizing for his action.

The officers involved did not attend, but Chief Justin Doll and Detective Monique Doll read statements on behalf of the officers involved.

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