Jessica Briles is not shy about her culinary skills.

"The one thing I've always been know to do is cook," she said.

Briles co-owns Houston's Triple J Roadhouse with her husband.

"When I get nervous, or I'm upset, I've got to cook," she said. "At least I know I'm doing something positive. I can feed people."

The couple wants to feed a lot of people. They're offering all first responders dealing with the Mat-Su fires free chili or soup, corn bread, sweet tea or coffee. It's their way to say thanks to those battling the wildfires.

"It gives them a chance to talk and share and lean on us a little bit. Share with us, vent, if you're angry, you're frustrated, you're angry, I've got shoulders, cry on them, whatever you need to do," Briles said.

Firefighters are grateful.

"It's the kindness of Alaskans, community supporting community, people coming together," said Alaska Interagency Incident Management Team Public Information Officer Kale Casey. "We call ourselves the green pants nation. Triple J is now part of that."

Evacuees can also get a free meal.

"There's been so many people that have been devastated. They've lost everything. I mean, not just their home, but every personal belonging," Briles said. "Some of them weren't even home when the evacuation happened. They have their clothes on their back and that's it."

With this simple gesture, Briles and her husband want to give those impacted by the wildfires one less thing to worry about.

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