The grand opening of Sonic Drive-In in Wasilla drew quite a crowd Tuesday morning.

Angelie Perryman of Palmer was the first car in line at 3:15 a.m.


“I’m waiting for tater tots and Sonic ice,” said Perryman, who goes to the chain restaurant when she visits family in the Lower 48. “Sonic has the best ice ever.”

About 30 cars quickly stacked up behind her and the line grew as the sun came up.

A group of teen boys were so excited they were doing back flips in the parking lot while they waited for the doors to open.

Tristian Compton of Houston said he and his friends arrived at 8 p.m. the night before and slept in their cars in a nearby parking lot to be the first ones in the dining room.

“It’s delicious, absolutely amazing. We came in expecting pretty much what we got, a delicious breakfast,” Compton said. “We came in hard. We got double cheese burgers, tater tots, fries, French toast, a couple Skittles slushies.”


Owners said they hired a total of about 200 employees and had plenty of staff to handle the high volume of customers.

There were also three semi-trucks full of food to make sure they didn’t run out.

Symone Stewart was the second car in line and said her strawberry limeade tasted like “answered prayers.”

“The large strawberry limeade, extra strawberries. Mmm, you can taste the hint of lime, you can taste strawberries and that back splash with the Sprite. Woo!” she said, happily sipping her icy beverage.

Customers said the food was worth the wait. 

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