The Anchorage School District canceled after-school outdoor practices and competitions Tuesday, Aug. 20 because of air quality conditions. The district says practices can continue if those activities can be moved to an indoor location.

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The district says they will continue to monitor wildfire and air quality conditions and will make day-by-day decisions about outdoor activities. ASD says parents and guardians should contact their children's schools for information about their outdoor activities.


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The Anchorage School District says schools will decide whether or not to cancel outdoor practices or bring students inside for recess tomorrow.

In a post on Facebook, ASD said many parents were voicing concerns for the safety of their children attending the first day of classes.


ASD says each school will decide Tuesday morning whether or not to bring students inside for recess or sports practice.

The district also says parents know their kids best. If a child has respiratory issues, the district says parents should use their best judgment in whether or not they should go to school.

ASD also said, "The health and safety of our students is our highest priority, and we will continue working together with the community to keep our students safe."

The district says they also look forward to starting the new school year.

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