The Anchorage Police Department settled into its new headquarters on Monday, enhancing its downtown presence.

APD officers, including Chief Justin Doll, welcomed community members, plus state lawmakers and the Anchorage Assembly to an outdoor gathering to celebrate the move from its Elmore Road facility.

Doll mingled with guests before and after delivering a short address about the value of bringing the police force to their new address at 716 W. Fourth Street.

“I think that a presence downtown is important for the community and the department," Doll said in an interview before addressing the crowd, "...because just having more officers physically present can have a deterrent effect on crime.” 

A photo of Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll on Monday before police moved into their new building at at 716 W. Fourth Street.

“It lets us reach out to a lot people. Obviously downtown is a sort of a high density are so it gives us a lot of opportunity to have contact with residents, visitors and businesses,” he said, “So I think all of those things are positive impacts for the community.” 
The Anchorage Community Development Authority purchased the former Legislative Information Office for $14 million. The department leases the facility for $1.5 million.

The building was the subject of scrutiny when the Legislature took heat for expensive upgrades. Ultimately, the superior court ruled the Legislature’s lease was invalid.

Doll says the new tenants will change the perception of the building.

“I think that we have completely erased any negative connotation that might be associated with the facility because it’s now the headquarters with the Anchorage Police Department,” he said. “Whatever happened in the past is kind of irrelevant at this point.”

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