Two women were attacked on Chester Creek Trail this week by a man, who police say was trying to sexually assault them. What do you do if you're out on a walk or run, and you're attacked?

Self-defense tactics with Elisabeth Clay

Elisabeth Clay is a five-time world champion of Brazilian jiu jitsu and the No. 1 purple belt in the world. She showed us two practical ways someone can defend themselves if they are attacked.


Watch the video to learn techniques to get away if someone attacks you from behind and grabs your wrists. 

Be aware

While it's good to know self-defense techniques, Clay recommends non-verbal signs and body language to deter an aggressor.

"If you're passing somebody on the trails, and it looks like they're looking at you funny or even if there's somebody there, look them in the eyes," Clay said. "Being confident, they don't want to attack somebody who looks confident and who looks like they don't want to be messed [with], who looks like they're not going to take it and fight back."

If someone is walking behind you and you don't feel comfortable, turn around, look them in the eyes and let them pass.

"That way, they're in front of you and you can see them coming," Clay said.  

Never go to a second location

If you are attacked, never let them take you to a second location. 

"Don't let him drag you off the trail, don't let him drag you into another room if you're at a club," Clay said. "Never go to the second location."

Experts say you have a much better chance of getting away from your attacker if you try to fight back and scream right then. They are trying to isolate you, and you have a much better chance to survive if you don't go with them and do whatever you can to get away.

Clay recommends finding an accredited gym if you're interested in learning self-defense jui jitsu tactics. Most offer self-defense classes, including gyms in Anchorage. 

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