A pair of Anchorage siblings have had a great summer. When they return to school next week they'll be able to tell their classmates what they did. It was one part entrepreneurship, one part charitable.

Sisters 13-year-old Amiyah Horton and 10-year-old Aaliyah Pepper began Double A's Lemonade Stand a couple of years ago. Since then, it's taken off.

It began innocently enough. 

"We started in summer," said Aaliyah. "We wanted something to do and it just became serious and big."

And they're being smart with the money earned. 

"Some of it goes into our bank account and to pay our tithes in church and buy sugar and supplies like that," she said. 

And these girls are generous, too. They decided it would be nice to share and help others. Which is why this Saturday, they're having a back-to-school barbecue at Chanshtnu Muldoon Park at 4 p.m. for kids and adults to benefit others less fortunate. 

"We'll be having games and giving away hot dogs and free lemonade," said Amiyah.

They've been working all summer long to earn up for this day. 

"All of our summer and money and supplies have been put into this barbecue and we're going to give away free school supplies to all the kids before school starts," she said.  

They received some local donations for paper and backpacks. They also went out and bought notebooks folders and pencils. 

Now that's paying it forward. 

The girls work with their mother, grandmother and godmother at the stand. The steady stream of customers necessitates it.

The lemonade comes in five flavors: blueberry, peach mango, classic, strawberry, and watermelon kiwi. You can't  go wrong.

Anyone interested can follow their Instagram @aalemonadestand, or on the girls' Facebook page, Double A's Lemonade Stand.

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