Wednesday marks our 5th record high temperature of the month and 16th since the start of June. Morning clouds and afternoon sun has helped us climb to those record high temperatures the past few days. But it wasn't the sunshine alone that got us there, and in the coming days we lose the extra little helper— meaning cooler temperatures are on the way. 

Thursday will look very much like the days earlier in the week on the surface. A few morning clouds will give way to sunshine. We will see it a little earlier in the day, sunshine that is— by noon you'll need the sunglasses. Despite sunshine peeking out earlier, temperatures will stay slightly cooler than earlier in the week. The mid-70s will be slightly cooler, but still more than 10 degrees above normal!

As our ridge of high pressure that is hanging out to our south weakens and moves west, a storm moving into northwest Alaska will bring about a big change with seemingly small impacts. Offshore flow or winds out of the north on the west side of the low-pressure center will usher in cooler dry air from the north. 

Being closer to the storm itself as it slides by, partly cloudy skies will persist through Friday. The few clouds and northerly winds will keep temperatures in the low-70s.

By the weekend, dry air and offshore flow will keep sunshine in the forecast. Daytime highs in Anchorage will climb to the upper-60s while overnight lows drop into the 40s.

It's a perfect Alaska forecast.

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo