Overcast skies quickly gave way to clearer skies Wednesday evening, allowing the temperatures to spike to 74 degrees. This ties the record high for the day and continues the streak of seeing abnormally warm highs across the state. Before the skies cleared, some areas received a trace of rainfall. While it didn't amount to much, any little bit certainly helps a growing drought problem. With summer quickly coming to an end, it begs the question of when will we finally see cooler and wetter weather?

There is some partially good news in the future, as a changing weather pattern will bring cooler weather to Southcentral. Unfortunately, it will not be aided by any rain showers through the next week. A low currently setting up shop across Eastern Russia will slowly move to the southeast over the coming days. This will not only set up the stage for cooler weather to infiltrate a large portion of the state, but will bring some much needed rain to Southeast. 

Before the cooler weather arrives, we will see at least 3 more days of unseasonably warm weather. Highs through Friday will remain in the low to mid 70s, with plenty of sunshine across the region. Once the cooler weather arrives we'll still see some sunny skies, but it'll feel more enjoyable to get outside as highs only climb into the mid 60s. 

Get ready for some cooler weather!

-Meteorologist Aaron Morrison