Search and rescue efforts for a sheep hunter who went missing near Eureka last week are over. The body of 42-year-old Huey Farrell of Wasilla was found Wednesday by some of his friends and Alaska Wildlife Troopers.

According to troopers, Farrell died from an apparent all-terrain vehicle accident. 

An online trooper dispatch says Farrell left for the hunting trip on Aug. 7. Four days later, on Aug. 11, Wasilla police got a call about 1:30 p.m. saying it was unlike Farrell to not check in for so long.

Wildlife troopers went out on the same day and found Farrell’s truck in the Purinton Creek Trail parking lot. However, his four-wheeler was missing. 

They searched the area with helicopters and ATVs over the next two days, but didn’t find Farrell.

A search team including four of Farrell’s friends found his body on Wednesday, Aug. 14. His family has been notified.

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