It's a case of weather deja vu. Wednesday will be an almost identical repeat of Tuesday's weather. 

Our ridge of high pressure is still hanging out over the Gulf. That is what is keeping Southcentral dry as storm after storm tries moving into western Alaska. That will remain the case through the middle of the week before a change in the weather pattern brings about some cooler temps. 

Mostly cloudy skies and isolated sprinkles will taper off and move out through the middle of the day. By the afternoon, the sun will peek out from behind the clouds. Increasing sunshine through the second half of the day will help temps climb back into the mid-70s in the afternoon. 

Don't expect clear skies to stick around for long. Overnight, another round of cloud cover will build in, once again keeping us mild to start Thursday. 

As skies clear Thursday, a change in the weather pattern will keep it around through the end of the week. The storm pushing moisture into western Alaska right now moves through the interior in the coming days. That will bring about offshore flow, or winds blowing out of the interior. But without a moisture source, the storm won't offer any precipitation. 

That subtle change will really bring about one noticeable change, though. That is cooler temperatures. Sunshine will accompany temperatures 70 degrees through the weekend. 

The summer of warmth continues for much of Alaska.

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo