Customers who shop at the Fred Meyer in Wasilla say the store has been dealing with a mice infestation for months.

Marita Clark said she first noticed the problem in February when she picked up a bag of potatoes that had been chewed through.

She’s taken pictures and videos over the past few months to document the evidence of droppings throughout the store. There’s also a video showing shredded boxes and can labels.

Clark said she’s alerted store managers several times, but continues to find feces and urine on the shelves and chewed up boxes.

She’s concerned about the health impacts for customers and employees.

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“I’m a Fred Meyer shopper, I’ve always been a Fred Meyer shopper so I’d love to see them clean it up so I can continue coming there, so I can continue to shop there and not have to worry about it,” Clark said. “It’s forcing me to not be able to buy things there anymore. For my own safety, for my kids, for my family.”

On Friday, Tiffany Henke posted a video on Facebook that showed a mouse crawling between backpacks.

Henke said she’d heard about the mice all summer, then noticed signs in the dog and cat food section.

“Two weeks ago I bought birdseed and literally every back was chewed open and the bottoms fell out,” Henke wrote in a Facebook message.

Henke said a customer service employee told her the store was working to find an exterminator.

A manager at the store told KTVA she was not allowed to comment on the local level and referred to the corporate office.

Messages left for several public relations employees were not returned as of publication Monday evening.

On Tuesday morning, Jeffery Temple, the Fred Meyer Director of Corporate Affairs, said the company is taking “aggressive measures” such as pulling shelves and products to combat the mice problem.

He said the store is working with a third-party pest management company and is implementing additional cleaning procedures.

Temple also said the company is working with the health department to make sure the store is in compliance with health and safety measures.

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