The homeless camp at Valley of the Moon Park has stood since July 19 but campers will soon have to leave. Municipal code prohibits people from camping on city-owned land without a permit.

Time is running out for campers at Valley of the Moon Park as the Municipality of Anchorage has issued an abatement notice. 

"It's going to be hard as hell and that's all I've got to say," said one of the campers, Wolf Shadowwind. "It's going to be difficult for a lot of us."

Nancy Burke, Anchorage Housing and Homeless Services Coordinator, says campers will be removed from sites as long as there are places for them to go.

An abatement order is posted on a tree at Valley of the Moon Park. (Dave Leval / KTVA)

"We have been in a bit of a hold pattern when it was unclear, due to the governor's vetoes, whether we would have any shelter resources," Burke said.

The Municipality declared a civil emergency in July. The Anchorage Assembly also shifted $400,000 to help the Brother Francis Shelter.

"What we did is we used the money for fall, for when it gets cold, for our overflow shelter," Burke said. "We're basically using the winter's money now."

That decision cleared the way for abatements to resume.

"We timed the abatements according to how many people are in a certain area," Burke said. "We use high volume, we use safety concerns, proximity to things like schools. Now we're looking forward to schools ramping up and we have a list."

Burke said along with the camps on the list, the Municipality has a regular routine to check on camps at Westchester Lagoon and New Seward Highway on the Chester Creek Trail.

On Aug. 6, the campers at Valley of the Moon Park received their notice to go. The notice said they had to leave within 10 days.


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