Pastor Undra Parker of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church and other religious leaders gathered to offer comfort and a chance to heal following mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

"I believe prayer works," Parker said.

The senior pastor at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church delivered his sermon in an unconventional sanctuary — the church's parking lot.

Parker welcomed all faiths for a special service with only one rule: this is a vigil.

"This is not a political rally, so I'm going to say this, if you come with any political mindset, I'm going to ask you to leave," Parker told the crowd.

Pastor Leon May of River in the Desert Community church prayed for the people of El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio who are dealing with the aftermath of the shootings. In another prayer, Pastor Brad Rud of The Crossing Church remembered the families who lost their loved ones.

"There are children who have a parent who will never come home again in this lifetime," Rud said. "There are parents who have a child who will never come home again."

Not all of the prayers were reserved for the victims. Rev. Jill Bradway, Ph.D., president of the Alaska Baptist Churches Convention, offered a prayer for the people she said were filled with hatred which led to these acts of violence.

Premiere Shine, a seven-year-old who attends Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, said in his prayer that he hoped the country would find love, peace and Jesus.

"May the mean people learn to love Jesus so they can have love and peace in their hearts too," he said.

Those who gathered for the service said there's another lesson to learn: never forget.

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