SEWARD, Alaska (AP) - Alaska State Troopers say three missing children have been found safe with their mother, who was arrested along with the children's father. 

Troopers say 40-year-old Melissa Salgado and 46-year-old Jeffrey Erickson were arrested on charges of custodial interference Friday. 

Troopers say 4-year-old Slate Erickson, 7-year-old Jedidiah "Fox" Erickson and 9-year-old Pepper Erickson were wrongfully removed from a Seward foster home Monday night, and their mother also was missing. Troopers say the children were found safe Friday with Salgado in Cordova. 

Troopers said the foster couple released the children to a woman who claimed to be sent by the Office of Children Services and gave a name of someone they anticipated, but turned out not to be that person. 

Troopers say the children were returned to state custody. 

Trooper spokesman Ken Marsh says he doesn't know why the children were in a foster home. 

It's unclear if the parents have attorneys. 

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