Jennifer Currie faces an unknown future. She’s been at this homeless camp for a couple of weeks.

"I'm not with my ex anymore, my mom's gone, I don't have any family here left," said Currie.

She is among the campers at A Street and 15th Avenue, located next to Central Lutheran Church in Fairview.

The Municipality of Anchorage owns most of the land. Assemblyman Chris Constant made it clear the homeless have not been good neighbors.

"If you drive by and look, the piles of materials are starting to grow like seven and eight feet tall,” Constant said. “It's certainly a great concern for the people who live and work in that area."

That’s not the worst of it.    

"They're defecating right there on the side of the road,” said Constant. “There's human waste and excrement and hazards starting to pile up out in the open. People who live there have to witness that happening."    

Camp evictions stopped after Governor Mike Dunleavy vetoed money for homeless programs. State law prevents that if the homeless have nowhere to go.

The Anchorage Assembly declared a civil emergency last month. It also shifted $400,000 to the Brother Francis Shelter to help the homeless. The money also means clearing out homeless camps can resume.

"If I have to move, I'll move, that's that. It's a tough situation," said Bill, who did not give his last name, but is another camper.

He and others will have to clear out their belongings. Currie says she is not too worried about that.

"It's not too hard now because everybody keeps stealing my stuff, all I've got is this backpack," said Currie.

 She will take that backpack with her when she's forced to move, again.

The camp has not received an abatement order, and campers will have ten days to move once that happens.

The homeless camp at Valley of the Moon Park has until Aug. 15 to move after they received a notice on Tuesday.

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