Jessica Johnson and Jennifer Gordon’s business, Blue Market AK, fits in a large wooden pop-up cart. Inside are an array of personal care and home products — mostly local, many in bulk.

The pair call their business the first “unpackaged refill store in Alaska.” The goal is to sell products in reusable or refillable containers in order to cut down on waste.

“Part of our vision is we are going to help shift the shopping mind set from being a single use and quick fix kind of shopping to more eco-friendly ” Gordon said.

Right now Blue Market AK offers personal care items like shampoos, body creams and bug sprays made in Alaska. There are also a variety of non-toxic cleaners and other kitchen and household products.

Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers, but Blue Market also has containers customers can use for free and others they can purchase.  

Blue Market AK carries many products in bulk

The cart will make its debut Saturday at the Spenard Farmers Market where they expect to have a spot until the season ends.

The Blue Market cart will also be at the farmer’s market at Fire Island Bakery’s Airport Heights location every Wednesday afternoon.

But Johnson and Gordon say their business plan goes far beyond a pop-up cart.

The pair are raising funds to open an actual store in Spenard next spring. As of Friday, they had raised more than 60% of a $30,000 goal on their Indiegogo site.

Johnson said they are currently looking at properties to open a full service grocery store, including food, as well as space for classes and community meetings.

The pair said education about reducing waste is an important part of their mission, and that they plan to donate 1% to a new environmental cause every month.

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