Three missing foster children and their mother have been found safe in Cordova after troopers said the kids were taken from their Seward foster home by an unknown woman Monday night.

The children — 4-year-old Slate Erickson, 7-year-old Jedidiah “Fox” Erickson and 9-year-old Pepper Erickson — were found around after 3 p.m. Friday with their mother, identified as 40-year-old Melissa Salgado, who was also missing.

According to Cordova Police Chief Mike Hicks, his department started taking the pictures of the children and their mother to places they could have been around town after an alert from the Alaska State Troopers Friday.

Hicks said front desk staff at a local hotel confirmed the group was staying there. A TSA worker also said he had seen them at the airport the night before.

"We got a report they were in Cordova and once we got a report we went and started looking around town," Hicks said. "Found out what hotel they were staying at. It's a nice day out and they were just walking down the street."

Hicks said Salgado identified herself and was totally cooperative. That's when police took her into custody.

Authorities discovered the children were missing from their foster home when the Office of Children’s Services asked troopers to do a welfare check at around 6 p.m. on Tuesday. An investigation showed a woman had come to the home around 11:30 Monday night claiming OCS had sent her.

The foster parents let the children go with her because she gave the name of a person they were familiar with but had never met. After the foster parents were shown a picture of that person, they confirmed it was not the woman who had taken the children.

Hicks said the children were taken to a wildlife troopers office, where authorities are working to find them temporary foster care. Salgado is being held in the Cordova jail.

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