A small but strong allegiance wore aloha shirts to work today. With temperatures holding strong in the 70s into the weekend, it will feel more like a Friday on an island than a Friday in Alaska.

Mostly sunny skies will keep it warm on Friday. Temperatures will climb into the mid-70s yet again. An absolutely perfect end to the workweek. 

Even if you work until 5 p.m. today, temperatures will stay mild and the sun doesn't officially set until after 10:30 tonight. 

Saturday is the day if you are looking to get some sunshine this weekend. Mostly sunny skies will stick around, keeping temperatures in the mid-70s once again. 

A little shift in the pattern brings more cloud cover through the day on Sunday. The earlier the better is the story for the day. We should stay dry and temps will still climb into the 70s by the afternoon. 

Our next chance of rain shows up Monday, making this forecast about as perfect as possible. It has the needed rain and all of the sun we want through the weekend. 

It's Aloha Friday, no work till Monday...

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo