A normal year boasts an average of 15 days with high temperatures of 70 degrees or above. This year we've already seen 37, that makes 2019 the year with the 4th most 70-degree days on record. But, and it's a big one— the forecast calls for enough 70-degree weather that we will close in on at 2nd place by this weekend. 

Not just the 70s, but the upper-70s again on Thursday. Sunny skies will have that 76 degrees feeling much warmer out of the shade by the afternoon. 

Our high-pressure center is now out west. That simple shift in location cuts off the flow of moisture into the western part of the state. That means less cloud cover and more warmth in the coming days. 

We will stay in the 70s through the end of the week. Mid-70s to round out the workweek and cooling slightly Saturday— sliding back to near 70 degrees. 

Our next chance of a storm doesn't arrive until the middle part of next week. It's the best chance we've had in a while, and at this point, we could really use some moisture. Even as the storm arrives temperatures look to stay in the mid to upper 60s, still above normal for this time of year. 

The normal last day of 70-degree warmth is August 12th. That's Monday. We will likely see 70-degree warmth well beyond the 66-year norm.

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo