The Cook Inlet Region Inc., one of the largest corporations of Alaska Native shareholders, says they're endorsing the effort to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy.
On Wednesday, Aug. 8., the CIRI Board of Directors posted a memo on their company website announcing their decision to support the Recall Dunleavy campaign.
The board statement reads in part, "During his time in office, the governor has repeatedly violated Alaska law and the state constitution, and demonstrated his unfitness for office by refusing to appoint a judge within the legal time frame; misusing state funds for political ad campaigns; violating the separation of powers; and incompetently vetoing state funds."
Members of the board say these actions harm Alaskans and threaten state business. They went on to say that Moody's Investors Service downgrading Alaska's outlook and the University of Alaska system downgrade are concerning to the Board as well.
CIRI says it is unusual for them to "wade" into political waters, but they said not acting goes against the company's mission of promoting the economic well-being for their shareholders.
The board says they're, "committed to protecting our shareholders' interests and the state services that are essential to Alaska's future."
CIRI is one of a dozen regional corporations created by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Today, CIRI has many business interests across Alaska and around the world.
More than 8,800 Alaska Native shareholders own CIRI. Their shareholders represent the following tribes: Athabascan, Southeast Indian, Inpuiat, Yup’ik, Alutiiq/Sugpiaq and Aleut/Unangax descent.
This statement comes on the heels days after a public initiative launch of the "Recall Dunleavy" campaign which began collecting signatures in cities across Alaska, garnering 10,000 signatures on its first day.

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