The bear cameras positioned near Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, conjure up curiosity and wonder for viewers around the world. People can watch from the comfort of home, on the bus or even in the office as Alaska brown bears are on full display, 24/7, in their natural habitat.

Naomi Boak, a conservancy ranger at Katmai, says the bear cams are what inspired her to apply for her position at the park in Southwest Alaska. She joined Daybreak on Tuesday to discuss the 2019 Bears of Brooks River e-book, available for download at

Boak says the e-book helps cam fans and park visitors better understand the bears they are watching, identifying and sharing the life stories of individual bears.

Brooks River is known as a world class area for seasonal salmon migration, which in turn attracts a large number of bears looking to feed as they prepare for hibernation.

As the bears pack on the pounds, Katmai encourages fans to participate via Fat Bear Week. Now in its fifth year, Fat Bear Week lets people vote for their favorite fat bear. 

Fat Bear Week starts on Wednesday, Oct. 2 and runs through Fat Bear Tuesday on Oct. 8.

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