We nearly set a record early Wednesday morning in Anchorage. It's a weird one, so you'll have to follow close. Our overnight low temperature was 62 degrees. That is just 1 degree shy of tying the warmest night we've ever seen in Anchorage. 

But that overnight is nothing compared to what we will see in the afternoon. 

62 degrees is pretty close to where we should be in terms of high temperatures this time of year. From our morning low, temperatures are set to climb. A 15-degree climb in temperatures under sunny skies would be very normal. And that is what is likely to happen. Temps will reach near 80 degrees Wednesday afternoon, most likely beating the old record high of 77 degrees set back in 2015.

The heat is stacked through the atmosphere, and as our ridge of high pressure slides west and cuts off the flow of moisture— the sun is here to stay as well. 

Hot, sunny days will continue through the end of the week. Anchorage will stay in the mid-70s each afternoon as sunshine dominates right on into the weekend. 

That means places like the valley will see temperatures near 80 for the next few days. 

Our shot at cooler air arrives this weekend. As our weather pattern shifts, clouds will build across Southcentral. Those clouds will bring the chance of light showers late Sunday. But even then, temperatures will remain above normal. 

Get the fans back out!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo