It's the summer of heat for Alaska. That means everyone who fought for one of the few fans in town will get another chance to use them as temperatures climb to near-record highs once again. 

Our building ridge of high pressure will clear skies out across much of Southcentral. That means morning clouds will turn to afternoon and evening sunshine on Tuesday. That means temperatures will climb slightly higher than where we started the week. 74 degrees is the forecast high for the day.

The high-pressure center over the Gulf will slowly slide west and north in the coming days. That little shift will cut off the flow of moisture coming into western Alaska. 

That little shift cutting off the moisture flow will allow many places that have experienced heavy rain and even flooding, dry out. 

The lack of moisture means more sunshine, and after a summer of warmth— you can expect that too. Temperatures in the upper 70s through the middle of the week will all be approaching record highs. 

A slight shift in the pattern brings about cooler weather to close the week. Despite the change, temperatures are still expected to remain in the 70s right through the weekend. 

A normal August sees about 3 days in the 70s. We've already done that and looking at another 5 potential days in the forecast. 

Get out and enjoy this great Alaskan weather. Colder days will be here before you know it!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo