On Thursday, Aug. 8, Anchorage police identified the three officers who shot at a man in Dave Rose Park on Monday.

They officers are:

•     Officer Calvin Chinnis (with APD since February 2006)

•     Officer Gabriel Brown (with APD since June 2016)

•     Officer Michael Vang (with APD since December 2017)

On Tuesday, Aug. 6, police also identified 32-year-old Shakti Lewis as the man those officers shot. APD says Lewis is facing three counts of third-degree assault.

Police say Lewis will be brought to jail when he is released from the hospital.

Original story:

One person is in the hospital after being shot by officers with the Anchorage Police Department on Monday morning.

According to police, the man was pointing what appeared to be a gun at people and residences near Dave Rose Park before turning the weapon toward officers on the scene.

Later, police discovered the weapon the man was using a Crosman replica 1911 BB gun.

'The suspect ignored the officers multiple commands'

According to a community alert from the department, patrol division officers responded to the area of Dave Rose Park around 10:30 a.m. after an officer on routine patrol in the area of Second Avenue and Lane Street saw a man pointing what appeared to be a gun at nearby houses and people in the park.

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"Once they arrived on scene and located the suspect in the park, they gave commands for the suspect to stop and drop the weapon," the alert reads. "The suspect ignored the officers multiple commands, began to manipulate the weapon and then pointed it at officers."

APD Chief Justin Doll said three officers responded by firing their weapons.

Once the man wasn't considered a threat, officers provided first aid until paramedics arrived. He was then taken to a local hospital, where Doll said he is expected to survive.

'There were so many shots'

Witnesses say police officers shot the man, known to some as "Midnight," multiple times.

Irene Weisman, a mother of two young children, said she was taking her kids to the car when she heard the shots.

"I heard some shots and saw the police cars over there and I just I mean I just ran inside and huddled with the kids in the stairs so that hopefully they'd be safe," she said. "There were so many shots."

Scott Timoteo said he sometimes plays basketball with "Midnight" in the park. He watched the shooting as it happened.

"I seen my man Midnight — that's what they call him on the streets — my man walked out the woods and he cocked his gun and he said some bad words and then the cops told him get down," he said. "He shot one in the air, that's when the cops start shooting him. My man shot back, fell on the floor. The cops thought he was done, he got up, started shaking and then he was trying to grab the strap and they shot him."

When asked how many shots he heard, he said about 15.

The investigation continues


Dave Rose Park was closed Monday afternoon and people were asked to avoid the area. Police said the park reopened just after 9:30 p.m.

According to police, no officers were injured in the shooting. Doll said when encountering law enforcement, "it is absolutely critical" to follow their instructions.

"Do not point anything that looks like a weapon at law enforcement officers," he said. "I cannot stress that enough, even if you know it's a BB gun, the officers almost certainly do not know that and while our officers are extremely well trained, and have a wide variety of tools at their disposal to handle conflict with individuals, most of those tools are taken off the table when you present then with something that looks like a lethal threat," Doll said.

The case will be turned over to the Office of Special Prosecution for review. An Internal Affairs investigation will also be launched.

The three officers involved have been put on mandatory administrative leave. Their names will be released in 72 hours, per APD protocol.

Daniella Rivera contributed to this report.

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