Organizers of the "Recall Dunleavy" campaign began collecting signatures Thursday morning in cities across Alaska. By the end of the day, over 10,000 people put pen to paper, backing the campaign's attempt to get Gov. Mike Dunleavy out of office.

According to Meda DeWitt, the campaign's chair, people representing over 20 urban and rural communities turned out to the signature gathering events.

"One of the biggest stars was the community of Yakutat who garnered signatures from 30% of the registered voter population on the first day at Mallott's General Store," she said.

DeWitt said the event at Planet Alaska in Juneau drew a diverse crowd full of conservatives, moderates, liberals and even those who don't particularly follow politics.

"We heard signers say over and over and over again that they feel voiceless and signing the recall helps to give them a voice," said Planet Alaska owner Vivian Mork.

DeWitt said the campaign's website raised over $13,000 in donations within the first 24 hours of launching on July 31. She said more signature gathering events are planned statewide through the weekend.

Still, passionate opposition isn’t enough for a recall election. The campaign must clear several election law hurdles before one can occur, including the need for over 18,000 additional signatures from registered voters — and that's just to get a successful petition application. 

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