There are signs that summer is coming to a close, but don't let those fool you— there is plenty of warmth in the forecast. School supplies are back on the shelves, the drying leaves can be heard rustling in the wind, and the sun set in Utqiagvik. The signs of fall are all around if you look for them. The signs of summer are there too, just look at the forecast. 

A ridge of high pressure will keep us warm and dry through the weekend. 

The cold front that brought the clouds to Southcentral Thursday falls apart and that allows the high-pressure center over the Gulf to slide back north. That means more sunshine peeking out from the clouds as we get into the afternoon. Those peeks of sun will help us climb to near 70— almost 5 degrees above normal. 

Southcentral will remain sandwiched between a high to the south and the low to the northwest. That puts us in what we call a convergence zone. 

The convergence of the wind will keep clouds in the sky. But without any major atmospheric disturbance in the nearby vicinity, the sun will shine through the clouds at times. 

That pattern is where we stay in the coming days. A mix of clouds and sun, and temps near 70 degrees. 

Considering the month of August typically sees less than a handful of days in the 70s each year. This is rather warm and mild for this time of year. 

As nights get longer, temperatures will start dropping, and bodies of water will start cooling. That means if you have been putting off a good swim in an Alaskan lake, now is the time to do it!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo