July closed out as the warmest month on record for the entire state of Alaska. Anchorage's average temperature was so high, it was warmer than the average high temperature should have been. 

A quick-moving cold front will bring about a return to normal as we start the month of August. The front brought showers and storms to the Interior, but a ridge of high pressure over the Gulf will keep much of Southcentral dry through the storm. The cloud cover associated with the front will drop temperatures across the region. 

Thursday and Friday will stay in the 60s thanks to the thick layer of clouds. Which is about where we should be in terms of temperatures this time of year.  

The front departs almost as fast as it moves in. By Friday afternoon, the front moves east and falls apart; at that time the ridge of high pressure over the Gulf will slide north. That subtle change will be all we need to get temperatures back up. 

By the time you leave the office on Friday, the sun will be back out. 

Heading into the weekend, partly cloudy skies will bring about the return of warmth. Temperatures will climb back into the 70s for the first weekend in August. 

Get out and enjoy this warmth. On average, the month of August offers about 3 days of 70-degree warmth. Longer nights and a lower sun angle means colder days are on the way. We are losing 5 minutes of daylight every day. Soon you will notice crisp mornings becoming more common.

But don't worry, there is still more than 6 weeks left of summer!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo