Sharon Pulou-Isaako has worked for several years to help find people jobs.

"It's a lot of work, but it's very rewarding," she said.

Pulou-Isaako is the lead career and job development team coordinator with Nine Star Education and Employment Services. She showed us how staff at the career and development center at the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club can help people find jobs.

"Resume help, mentor assistance, job readiness workshops, mock interviews and debriefings. And so the debriefings is really just a sit down of saying hey, where did you start off this week, what are your goals for next week and here are some recommendations," she said.

She says two helpful websites for job seekers are AKCIS and ALEXsys.

Pulou-Isaako says both websites allow people to build or update their resumes, cover letter and references. They can be stored on the site and then sent out to employers.

The ALEXsys site is directly linked to the Department of Labor and includes the most recent job listings around Alaska. People can apply online once they choose a specific job listing. People can navigate the sites by themselves or center staff can help. There is no cost for the service.

Pulou-Isaako says she took advantage of the center herself, saying she came in on a Wednesday to fill out information online and got calls from employers the next day. She says like many of the people Nine Star serves, she was on public assistance. Nine Star hired her and she no longer is on public assistance.

"That is a good feeling. And that's the feeling I always like to share with clients," she said.

People wanting more information on the Nine Star program in Mountain View can call (907) 297-5466. People looking for jobs can also visit

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