Anchorage reached 74° Tuesday, which was the 20th time we've seen 70° or warmer this month and the 32nd 70° day this summer. This is the most days of at least 70° we've ever recorded in July and the 6th most we've recorded for a given year. 

We're not done with the 70° days either. We'll likely see at least four more just over the next week. On average we don't see our last 70s until August 12th and we have seen days in the 70s as late as September 14th. 

High pressure is pushing north across the northern Pacific which is bringing in warmer air and keeping the region storm-free.

We'll see a cold front dip down from the north Thursday and Friday, but thanks to high pressure, the front will be forced to stay north, which will also keep any rain north as well. What we will see is increased cloud cover and slightly cooler air in Southcentral to wrap up the work week. 

This weekend we'll be back to mostly sunny skies and highs in the 70s.

Enjoy the final day of July!
-Cheif Meteorologist Melissa Frey