An anonymous tip led Wasilla police to charge a suspect for setting fire to buses at Wasilla Lake Christian School more than a year after the crime.

Joshua Johnston, 29, is charged with criminal mischief, criminally negligent burning and failure to report a dangerous fire.

Police said surveillance video from June 3, 2018 shows Johnston may have been syphoning gas from a bus when the fire started.

Amanda Graham, a public information officer with the Wasilla Police Department, said Johnston was on probation with an electronic monitor at the time of the fire.

After WPD received a tip saying Johnston was responsible for the fire, Graham said officers asked the Pretrial Enforcement Division for his location.

Graham said the data showed Johnston was at Wasilla Lake Christian School the exact time the fire started.

Johnston is currently in jail for a different crime. Court records show he has pleaded guilty to burglary, theft and trespassing in several cases within the past two years.

WPD is forwarding charges to the Palmer District Attorney’s Office.

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