A shift in the weather pattern will bring about more sunshine and warmth in the coming days. July 2019 will likely go down as the warmest on record for the state. Despite our recent rain and "normal" temperatures, most of the month was so warm those cooler days had little effect. 

Temps sliding back into the 40s on the east side of town meant many woke up to the coldest morning they've seen in some time. But by the afternoon, the chilly morning will be a distant memory. Temperatures will climb to near 70 degrees as clouds break and sun warms the bowl. Mostly sunny skies also mean we stay dry on Monday. 

Tuesday will stay warm and sunny for much of Southcentral. Temperatures will start pretty cool once again. Longer nights and a lack of cloud cover will let temps drop back into the mid-50s on the west side of town and upper-40s on the east side. By the afternoon, sunshine will help temperatures climb back to near 70 degrees. 

Wednesday looks to be a repeat of Monday and Tuesday before an incoming storm changes things up for the second half of the week. We will likely see more cloud cover and cooler temperatures starting Thursday. 

Get outside and enjoy these beautiful Alaska days!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo