It's been nearly a month since an explosion and dock fire rocked Whittier, and investigators are still trying to find out what caused it.

The fishing vessel Alaganik sank after it exploded and caught fire on the Delong Dock July 7. The U.S. Coast Guard initially searched for two people who were said to be on board. One person was found safe, but the Coast Guard suspended the search for the other person, a 49-year-old man from Cordova.

The City of Whittier declared a state of emergency following the dock fire which shut down much of Whittier's commercial fishing industry, but ships are returning to the dock.

"At this point, as far as our fishing, we are operating at about 95%, almost 100% right now, tendering salmon, pumping salmon on board to the processors," said City Manager Jim Hunt.

Hunt says a salvage company has been hired to raise the Alaganik within the next two weeks. The Coast Guard will meet in Anchorage Monday with agencies that responded to the explosion.

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