President Trump is nominating GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats as director of national intelligence, Mr. Trump tweeted Sunday night. Coats will leave office Aug. 15, the president announced, and an acting director will serve in the interim. 

"I am pleased to announce that highly respected Congressman John Ratcliffe of Texas will be nominated by me to be the Director of National Intelligence. A former U.S. Attorney, John will lead and inspire greatness for the Country he loves," the president announced, after a weekend of firing off angry tweets at Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings. "Dan Coats, the current Director, leaving office on August 15th. I would like to thank Dan for his great service to our Country. The Acting Director will be named shortly."

Axios first reported Coats' expected departure and said the White House would likely nominate Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe aggressively questioned Robert Mueller in last week's hearing on the former special counsel's report. 

Ratcliffe, one of the most conservative members of Congress by his voting record, has served in the House since 2015. He's a member of both the House Intelligence Committee and House Judiciary Committee, and once prosecuted terrorism cases. 

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