After a sunny, warm afternoon— a change is in the forecast. A cold front moving through will bring rain back to Southcentral. 

The clouds that started the day on Friday are associated with the front that will bring the rain. By late-morning showers will spread across the Anchorage bowl. Those will grow more widespread and heavier throughout the day. The clouds and rain will keep temperatures a bit cooler during the day. The warm point in the day will top out in the mid-60s, not too much colder than Thursday— but it will feel a lot cooler. 

Those showers will stick around through Saturday. Stretching from the Interior to the southern tip of the Kenai, there won't be much escaping the rain. So if you plan on getting out and taking in all that Alaska has to offer, bring the rain gear. The good news is that the rain will stay on the warm end of the spectrum. Daytime highs will climb to the mid-60s, overnight lows will stay in the mid-50s.

By Sunday rain will clear out. That will allow for some sunshine and warmer temperatures. We'll be back in the upper 60s and dry. So, if the rain that starts the weekend keeps you cooped up— Sunday will be the day to get out and stretch the legs. 

No matter what you are looking for, this weekend has it all. That means it's time to get out and enjoy everything Alaska has to offer!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo