Biologists with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are trying to get rid of invasive goldfish in Cuddy Pond.

"We're not really sure about the specifics of how or when they got here or who put them in here," said Jay Baumer, an area management biologist with Fish and Game.

Wednesday biologists will put a plant-based pesticide in the water, called rotenone, to kill the goldfish. It is safe for everything in pond expect for the fish. 

"Tomorrow we'll be here with crew and we'll apply the chemical into the water and then we'll have some dead goldfish," Baumer said.

The pond is isolated from Fish Creek, so the pesticide won't impact anything in the creek itself. The park will remain open and the work to remove the fish shouldn't impact anyone visiting or walking around Cuddy Park. 

Biologists aren't sure how or when the goldfish got into the pond, but say most likely they started as someone's pet.

"Most likely they thought they were doing the right thing," Baumer said. "They were concerned about their goldfish and they released them into what they thought was a good place but they don't realize the severe impacts that it can cause to the other fish; diseases, parasites that can come along with them."

The pesticide will be in the water, at most, for about 10 days.

Correction: This story has been updated to correct typos.

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