Mary Jo Sandbeck and her husband Scott were casually having a conversation in their Eagle River home earlier this month when they heard the doorbell ring. 

"My husband went to the door," Mary Jo said. "We were sitting here visiting and he said 'It's the twins!' and I said, 'What?' He said come and look."

There on the Sandbeck's front door step was a moose helping herself to Mary Jo's basket of Suntory lobelia trailing blue flowers. 

"It was the mama moose and the three little ones out there playing in the yard," Mary Jo said. 

The Sanbeck's equipped their house with a doorbell camera from Ring, which recorded the moose and her triplets. Sandbeck shared the video on Ring's Neighbors app.

"We had heard there was a moose, a cow that had three," Mary Jo said. "And it was like, oh, they're not going to last long but they're still around I've heard. I haven't caught them here again but they're still running around so she must be a real good mama." 

Mary Jo said the moose hung out in her yard for about 15–20 minutes. It's not the first time the Sandbeck's have had moose in their neighborhood. 

"There was a cow a few years back and she had a calf in the neighbor's yard," Mary Jo said. "She hung out here for a long time before she went on." 

Mary Jo said it's all just a part of living in Alaska.

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