In about two weeks, hundreds of people in Anchorage will be without a mailing address.  

Due to state budget cuts, Bean's Café is losing about $127,000, and so it’s getting rid of its mail service for the homeless. The program currently serves about 1,200 people, but it’s ending Monday, Aug. 5. 

Bean’s Café executive director Lisa Sauder says it's the service of its kind in Anchorage and it's very important for her clients because they have to keep track of business that all Alaskans have – bills, Permanent Fund checks, IDs, job applications.

Mail is only delivered twice a week, which some clients say is difficult because some things are time-sensitive.

The nonprofit announced Thursday it was ending the program and some clients are worried. 

"It’s my only link to get letters from the government or for people to get ahold of me through the mail," said James Winkler, a Bean’s Café client who uses the service.

Winkler will have to start getting his mail from the post office, but that's not going to be easy because he’d have to use the bus. “I'm in a wheelchair, and I have to go up a hill from the bus, so it’s pretty tough on me." 

While his circumstances are difficult, Winkler says he’s going to keep pushing through. 

"This is the situation and you just got to deal with it; there's no other choice,” Winkler said.  

Sauder says it was a difficult choice to end the mail program, but the organization has to focus on its core mission of making sure people have a safe place to stay during the day.

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