For the second year in a row, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is shortening the moose-hunting season in one area of Interior Alaska by five days.

In a news release Friday, the department says it has “issued an emergency order to reduce the hunting season length in that portion of Unit 20B in the Salcha River drainage downstream from Goose Creek and upstream from and including Butte Creek, southeast of the Moose Creek dike within a half mile of each side of the Richardson Highway (except Birch, Harding, and Lost Lake closed areas), and the portion called ‘20B remainder’ in the Alaska Hunting Regulations.”

Instead of going till Sep. 20, the season for Alaska residents will run from Sep. 1-15; the season for nonresidents will run from Sep. 5-15.

From 2011-2017, unit 20B had a 20-day moose season, but a survey in late 2017 showed a bull-to-cow ratio below ADF&G’s goal, so the season was shortened to 15 days.

Fish and Game says it’s likely the department will stick with the 15-day season in the future in order to maintain the bull-to-cow ratio it wants.

Dates for other areas within unit 20B aren’t changing, but all hunters are still encouraged to check the regulations carefully to make sure they understand them.

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