Summer is far from over. Our normal high temperature would be in the low-60s this time of year. 80-degree days occur so infrequently it averages out to less than 1 each year. 70-degree days happen a little more often, normally about 17 times each year. This year we've seen 26! Despite more cloud cover and cooler days in the forecast, there are still a few 70+ degree days on the way.

Thursday will be another one of those 70-degree days. A little more cloud cover building through the day will keep us cooler than Thursday. But not much. 74 degrees is our forecast high for the day. We have the chance of some isolated storms in the afternoon.

Saturday will bring even more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. With those thicker clouds temperatures will stay in the 60s, but about as close to 70 as we can get. There is the chance of a few stray sprinkles, even a bit of drizzle— but we should remain mostly dry. 

Sunday looks to stay dry as well, even bringing a few more peeks of sunshine through the day. That will keep those temperatures close to 70 degrees as we start the new week. 

While staying dry through the weekend might sound like a great thing. Anchorage is currently facing moderate drought conditions due to our recent trend of temperatures above normal and a lack of any significant rain in the past month. July is typically our wettest month of the year, an average of 1.83 inches of rain. So far 0.07 inches of rain has fallen on Anchorage.

Happy Friday!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo