A Bethel judge says an Emmonak man must serve 17 years in prison for beating and strangling his disabled girlfriend last year, according to a statement from the Department of Law.

A jury convicted Michael Redfox of multiple assault charges earlier this year and Judge Nathaniel Peters sentenced him Wednesday.

The conviction and sentence are for events that happened in March 2018. Redfox strangled his victim several times over the course of the attack. At one point, the victim tried to make Redfox stop by using a screwdriver to stab him in the forehead.

During his trial, Redfox acted as his own attorney and was allowed to cross-examine his victim for nearly eight hours, the statement reads. After trial, he tried to have the judge disqualify himself, but that motion was denied and that decision later upheld by a second judge.

Judge Peters, when considering Redfox’s sentence, said he was a poor prospect for rehabilitation based on his criminal history, the apparently escalating severity of his violence and the fact that he was aware of his victim’s disability.

Redfox disagreed. He said he was a good candidate for rehabilitation because he had finished substance abuse programs.

Redfox was also convicted and sentenced for escape because he ran away from a Village Police Officer after his arrest. In light of his lengthy criminal history, the court handed down a sentence without probation.

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