We typically see about 17 days of temperatures warmer than 70 degrees each year in Anchorage. This summer has already produced more than 2 dozen days with temperatures above 70 degrees. Temperatures will continue to trend above-normal, meaning more 70-degree days are likely. 

Thursday will be the first of those. Mostly sunny skies will help temperatures climb. By late-afternoon, temps will climb to near 80 degrees. All of that sunshine and warmth means afternoon thunderstorms are possible. Most of those will stick to the mountains around Anchorage or the Valley to the north where the storms have plenty of room to grow. 

Friday will bring about more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. Despite the cool-down, we will stay in the mid-70s for high temperatures. Partly cloudy skies will keep us slightly cooler in the afternoon. A few more storms will spread across Southcentral the second half of the day. Still isolated in nature, not everyone will see them— but it could the best opportunity to get a little moisture from one of the storms. 

Clouds will stick around through the weekend. While models remain in disagreement about the chance of showers, we do know a storm off the coast will bring more clouds and cooler temps at the very least. Showers remain unlikely, but any moisture helps in our current weather pattern. 

At the very least, get out and enjoy the beautiful weather today. Live After 5 is a great way to get outside and even say hi to the KTVA weather team!

-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo