It seems almost like an oxymoron, sunshine, and thunderstorms. But here's the deal. Diurnal storms are fueled by daytime heating from sunshine. The tiny little drops of water vapor suspended in the air around us rise as the sun heats them up. The rising allows the droplets to cool and condense into clouds. The rising continues within the clouds. That allows them to build, when the clouds build big enough they can turn into a thunderstorm. Very similar to what we saw Tuesday. 

Temperatures will climb under sunny skies Wednesday. We will likely see another day in the mid-70s. All of that sunshine and warmth will help clouds build through the afternoon. Building clouds will lead to isolated thunderstorms around Southcentral and in Anchorage. Don't expect them to be widespread, just isolated— mostly sticking to the mountains and nearby. 

Thursday will bring even more sunshine and even more warmth. We will likely see temps climb back into the upper 70s, one of our warmest days in more than a week. That warmth will once again fuel some afternoon storms across Southcentral. Once again, most of the storms staying in the valley and higher elevations. 

This looks to be our weather pattern through the end of the workweek.

Don't forget the sunglasses, but watch out for those afternoon storms!
-Meteorologist Jeremy LaGoo