The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation has confirmed the distribution of fish cakes recently recalled through the FDA.

Fish cakes from the company Wismettac Asian Foods were recalled because the products do not have proper allergen warning labels, DEC's Food Safety and Sanitation Program said in a statement on Tuesday.

The FDA says the California-based company voluntarily recalled eight types of fish cakes because of possible contamination of milk, egg and crustacean allergens. Photos of the food products are posted on the FDA's recall announcement.

DEC says no illnesses have been reported to date, but those who have concerns about foodborne illnesses or allergies can contact the department's Yuck-line.

What to know before reporting a foodborne illness to DEC

  • Foodborne illness often occurs 1 to 4 days after eating contaminated foods.
  • Waterborne illness usually occurs 2 to 14 days after contact with contaminated water.
  • The interview will take 20 to 30 minutes and includes questions about your illness symptoms.
  • Yuck-line staff will ask you about foods eaten and where you ate them; it is helpful if you can remember foods from 4 days before your illness began.
  • Yuck-line staff will also ask if you drank any well water or went swimming in the two weeks before your illness.
  • All information [DEC] collects about your illness is private. [DEC] will not release your name to anyone outside the public health system without your permission.

From DEC Food Safety and Sanitation Program

There are also resources available for anyone to check recalls in their area. 

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