Sen. Lisa Murkowski rarely minces words, even if it means calling out fellow Republican, President Donald J. Trump.

Murkowski took exception to weekend tweets he directed at four congresswomen of color — comments many deemed racist. The tweets also triggered a wild exchange on the U.S. House floor Tuesday before passing a resolution, largely along party lines, denouncing Trump’s tirade.

Even before the House held a vote, Murkowski on Monday responded to Trump’s tweets with her own on Facebook and Twitter posts:

“There is no excuse for the president's spiteful comments - they were absolutely unacceptable and this needs to stop. We have enough challenges addressing the humanitarian crises both at our borders and around the world. Instead of digging deeper into the mud with personal, vindictive insults - we must demand a higher standard of decorum and decency.”

Murkowski has not been afraid to buck her party or Trump. Last fall, she voted against advancing Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Last summer, Alaska’s senior senator said she was “stunned” at Trump’s failure to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin over election interference.

She responded with a statement, saying Trump “ultimately validated Putin at the expense of American intelligence by giving credence to Putin’s claim to have not interfered in our elections."

Don Young, Alaska’s long member of the U.S. House, said Congress’ attention should be focused on working together rather than spending time condemning Trump’s comments with a formal vote.

After voting no on the resolution, Young wrote:

“I have strong respect for my colleagues across the aisle and appreciate the diverse backgrounds of this institution’s Members. In fact, our varied perspectives make us more responsive to the needs of a nation of many people. Frankly, we should be focusing our efforts on meaningful legislation for the people – not on non-binding resolutions that only contribute to partisan rancor. That is why I voted no.”

Sen. Dan Sullivan’s office also provided his take on Trump’s tweets and the ensuing responses. He wrote:

“The National Democratic Party is increasingly turning into a far-left, open-borders, anti-Israel, anti-energy and anti-resource development party (particularly as it relates to Alaska). This is something we should be debating nationally and in Alaska. But as I’ve repeatedly said, we should endeavor to debate these issues in a respectful and civil manner, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican.”

Sullivan and Murkowski will be in Alaska this week. Sullivan will host Veterans Affairs Secretary, Robert Wilkie, in a town hall with veterans at the Fairbanks Northstar Borough Assembly Chambers. Murkowski will address the Commonwealth North audience at the Denaina Center on Friday.

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