Radio station KRUA has a long history at the University of Alaska Anchorage. The student run public radio station has been broadcasting at 88.1 on the FM dial since 1992.

The station isn’t directly funded by the university; its money comes mostly from student activity fees. Now there’s concern about what will happen to the station’s budget if enrollment drops because of state budget cuts.

KRUA Station Manager Dylan Blankenship wants to move the station's antenna

Station Manager Dylan Blankenship said KRUA has the tools to be self-sustaining, but in order to do so it needs to diversify its funding sources and raise more money from the community. The trouble is, not everyone in the community can hear them.

“So if you have it tuned in and you're driving around town it will pick up great in a little bit and then it will be completely lost in another part of town,” Blankenship said. “So we don’t service the entire Anchorage community as of now, but that’s what we hope to change.”

The antenna the station broadcasts its signal from on top of Mt. Baldy isn’t pointed towards Anchorage. In order to reach a broader audience, the station needs to reposition it on the broadcast tower.

KRUA Music Director James Kendall said he wants the station's mission to continue

“If we can transition this antenna to a viable spot on the tower, that allows us to be able to get sponsorships a lot easier and to be able to get funding that isn’t through the students or through UAA, through just our own work,” Blankenship said.  “And that’s really the goal here is to  try and do that.”

The station is holding a 72-hour pledge drive this weekend starting Friday, July 19 at midnight until Monday, July 22 at midnight. People can also make donations to the station at its website.

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