There will be a few more police officers on the streets of Anchorage this fall, and most of them will be women, now that Alaska's largest city has been selected as the host of the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) annual conference. 

Capt. Julie Shank, a board member for the affiliate organization Women Police of Alaska and co-chair of the conference, says last year's event in Calgary drew more than 600 women from 35 different countries.

According to an IAWP publication, the organization was founded in 1915 to strengthen, unite and raise the capacity of women in policing around the world. 

September will mark the third time Anchorage has hosted; the last time was in 1998 and the first in 1985. 

"I think it's a unique opportunity to see how policing is done around the world, and how women relate to each other in law enforcement all around the world," Shank said. 

In January, the Anchorage Police Department reported just 169 of the 573 APD employees are female.

"When I first started it was unusual to see a woman out on patrol. Now, every third car I see has a female police officer, so that's great for the city," added Detective Michele Logan, who has been with APD since 1994.

While the conference is geared towards women in law enforcement, men are welcome as well. 

"A lot of this is about leadership in law enforcement and that's inclusive of men and women," said Shank. 

According to an article by Visit Anchorage, the conference is expected to have an economic impact of more than $1.6 million. 

The IAWP event takes place from September 23-27 at the Dena'ina Convention Center downtown. 

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